Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Services covered by NHS

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You are entitled to claim from the NHS if you receive the following three services abroad:
Urgent or emergency medical assistance. 

  1. Any medical assistance that is considered as urgent or necessary when travelling in an EEC country. For example, Mike lives in Manchester and travels to Spain through France on his summer holiday.  Unfortunately he has an accident that requires hospital treatment.  Mike receives medical treatment in France which he pays for.  On his return to the UK Mike is entitled to have his costs  reimbursed by the NHS.
  2. Out patient services or health care services, which do not require an overnight  stay in hospital. For example, Mike lives in London and has regular daily headaches.  He visits his GP and is prescribed pain relief. After several months without any improvement in his condition, Mike decides to consult a Physician in France. Tests reveal a cyst has developed near to Mike’s nasal cavity that requires surgery. Mike is entitled to reimbursement for the costs incurred from medical consultations and examinations. *
  3. Pre-planned inpatient hospital treatment.  For pre-arranged hospital treatment authorisation is required from the NHS prior to treatment. Contact us before going abroad and we will apply for authorisation on your behalf. For example, Mike decides to have surgery in France and his treatment will involve a two night stay in hospital..  He needs to obtain a permit in the UK prior to travel
* Note; there are particular restrictions for dental services.  It is possible to recover  some expenses for certain dental treatments  list of billable services  , see link ), The  amount of reimbursement depends on the UK DRG classification, which is determined by your age, place of residence, the complexity of the service and other factors.

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